Project Bijou

Change behaviour | Shift culture | Reduce harm

What is Project Bijou?  
It’s an ODPA social initiative launched in May 2021 that encourages everyone to share stories, knowledge and experiences related to ethical data use, in a way that benefits everyone. Its aim is to support and nurture positive cultural change around how people and organisations treat people’s data. It seeks to engage people on a cultural level rather than simply on a legal/compliance one.

•    What is one of the most powerful influences on compliance (with laws/rules)? Our behaviour.
•    What is one of the most powerful influences on our behaviour? Culture.
•    What is one of the most powerful influences on culture? Stories.

Why stories?  
Stories can be powerful tools to give shape and meaning to aspects of our lives. They encourage you to see things you didn’t see before, to make a connection, to increase knowledge and understanding. We want to harness that to build a culture on genuine commitment to the human values that underpin data protection legislation.

Project Bijou’s Story 
In the 1920s people started noticing holes in milk bottle foil lids on their doorsteps. A small number of resourceful blue tits had made these holes because they had worked out that there was delicious cream beneath the foil. By the 1950s, blue tits all over Britain had learned this. The birds had shared useful information that benefited their species by teaching each other how to reach the cream. This concept is the backdrop to Project Bijou, the ‘cream’ is engaging everyone in why we must treat people’s data well. 

Asking people to share human-focused information with each other, within the construct of Project Bijou, will hopefully lead to: 
•    informed ethical decision-making; 
•    more organisations focusing on human values
•    which in turn will lead to better protection of people’s rights, and harm reduction. 
Which is the very thing The Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017 [the law the ODPA regulates] seeks to achieve. 

You can explore everything about Project Bijou below, including all the content released during the launch week (24-28 May 2021) organised by theme.