How to be a part of Project Bijou

Want to join in? Read on:
What to do as a Project Bijou participant 
Three simple steps: 
1. Talk with people about this project. Use trusted human-to-human connection on an emotional level, perhaps through telling them a story of how people can be harmed by their data being misused. 
2. Challenge how personal data is treated in your own workplaces. 
Shift questions from “Can we do this [with people’s data]?” to “Should we do this [with people’s data]?”. 
3. Lead the change in behaviour (personal and organisational) towards solutions/outcomes where all people are treated with dignity and respect.

Why should you get involved? 
Joining the project lets you play a part in creating real, positive change in how people’s data is treated. Data harms are real, and they can affect people, organisations, and society in profoundly damaging and long-lasting ways: we all need to face this reality and take action to protect each other. 

Sign up to Project Bijou  
You can sign up to our bi-monthly newsletter. Please note that this does not oblige you to participate in the project. We will simply send you our newsletter and it's entirely up to you whether you actively participate in the project by sharing its stories and information with others. 

Collect your 'Bijou Box' 
You can now come and collect your very own ‘Bijou Box’ from our office (find us here). 
The box itself, and its contents, are designed to help keep the project in your mind, and to spark conversations with others. PLEASE NOTE: stocks are very limited and only available on-island. First-come first-served.