Safer Internet Day 2023

Published: 7 February 2023

Safer Internet Day is about helping young people and children around the world to use the internet safely and responsibly.

Running since 2004, the initiative is an opportunity to call on decision makers, industry leaders and educators to provide a safer digital environment for young users. It also raises awareness of emerging online issues like cyberbullying and digital identity.

The ODPA believes that children and young people are powerful drivers of cultural change and is committed to raising awareness of their rights and responsibilities regarding their personal information, particularly while navigating the digital world.

It is at the heart of Project Bijou Seeds, a resource-rich programme developed by teachers to positively engage all children and young people in:
  • how valuable their personal data is,
  • why it must be protected and
  • why we must treat others well too.
We made this video to help children understand why looking after personal data matters by comparing it to their favourite toy. During school sessions we try to hand out a small reflective bear to all children so they have a reminder to take care of their "Data Bear" (side benefit: the bears can attach to their school bag to make them more visible on dark streets).