Registration window open (1 Jan - end of Feb)

If you use personal data in your work you are legally obliged to register during January and February each year.
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If you run, or work for, a charity, you are likely to be handling quite a lot of information about those you may be supporting as well as those who support or donate to you.

Whilst you are not required to pay a levy for your data protection registration, it is important that you engage fully with your compliance duties by looking after all the personal data in your care. We recognise that you are unlikely to have access to the resources that some other organisations benefit from and we want to do all we can to help support and guide you in looking after your data well.  

As a starting point, please read through our 'Feel-Good Guide to Data Protection'. This will help you put your legal duties into a wider context. Getting data protection right allows you to earn the trust and confidence of all those you interact with. It shows that you care about their data, and care about them. 

More detailed information can be found in our information hub but if you would prefer to discuss matters with us directly, please do contact us or pop by to one of our drop-in sessions