Last updated: 3 December 2021

If you are having technical issues with the Registration Portal please refer to our Troubleshooting questions below, and if problem persists please email


  • Most issues with the Registrations portal can be resolved by: 

    1. Trying a different browser (the most up to date versions of these browsers normally work fine: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari)  
    2. Trying a different computer and/or ensure updates have been completed (Note: the portal can be glitchy on older iPads) 
    3. Clearing your cache (go to your browser settings to do this) 
    If you have tried all the above please email and we will help resolve it.

    As a last resort, and/or if you do not have reliable access to a device please contact us to request a paper registration form

    • If verification code doesn’t arrive in your inbox please check your Spam or Junk folder. 
    • Sometimes it can be delayed coming through, the code is only valid for 10 minutes, if not received it in time you will need to request a new code
    • Sometimes it can be stopped by firewall, so you can try using a different email address or computer
      (Preferably outside of your organisation. You change email address once you have successfully gained access to your account) 
    • Make sure you use sign-in option not set up an account option.  
    • If you’re trying to create a 2nd registration, you will need to sign-in. You can have multiple registrations on one account. 
  • If the person who normally logs in to the portal is leaving they will need to log into your organisation's registration and select the option to change the contact details or transfer to a new account. Watch this 145 second video for a step-by step guide of how to do this

    If the person has already left please contact us and we can transfer it for you

    Please Note: if you are using the same device to both transfer and receive a registration, you may need to clear your browser’s cache following the transfer and then log back in using the new email address in order to accept the transfer. Failing this, you may need to use a different browser or device in order to accept the transfer.