VIDEO: Ellie Dowsett 'How to engage employees and embed good data protection cultures'

In this interview with ODPA communications officer Katherine Levy, Best Companies Data Protection Officer (DPO) Ellie Dowsett talks us through her data protection journey and how the connections she’s made in the community have driven her to create a network of like-minded IT and data protection professionals to support each other. 

Ellie has long championed the importance of having a good data protection culture within organisations and has many interesting insights about how this can be achieved (clue: support your DPOs!) 

With security and data protection increasingly interwoven, Ellie feels that raising awareness is no longer enough, there needs to be long-term cultural change so that DPOs are recognised and supported for the value they can bring to organisations by implementing strong data safeguarding practices. 

With 20 years’ experience working across retail, finance and technology, Ellie is passionate about giving back to industry as a Cyber Wales cluster manager for Data Protection and Ethics. 
Ellie champions the importance of a great culture in every organisation, dropping the jargon, spreading the joy of data protection and inspiring us all to think differently.