VIDEO: The Human factor

Data protection is all about “personal data”. That’s personal data about every living human on the planet. Understanding the human aspect of data protection helps us visualise the benefits of data protection, and the opportunities for embedding these into everyday life.

In this detailed contribution from Bruce Hallas, he explores why data protection is, at its heart, a human and not a technical, aspect of society and work, and how having a better understanding of behaviour and culture could help us embed healthy data protection practices into our everyday lives.

Bruce is the founder at the Re-thinking the Human Factor. He is widely recognised, by many practitioners, analysts and even regulators, as making a real contribution to re-assessing the opportunity for improving employee awareness, behaviour and culture when it comes to data protection and information security. Through a combination of his hugely successful Re-thinking the Human Factor podcast, the accompanying book and his coaching and training programmes, he has contributed to reshaping how senior information security and privacy professionals manage the risk associated with the human factor. Bruce’s practical and science-based insights, and his ability to draw on real life examples, that almost everyone can relate to, have meant he has become a sought-after specialist around the world. He supports CISOs, DPOs, Education & Awareness Managers, to re-set their strategic vision and build the capacity to achieve this, whilst ultimately being able to stand up to the highest levels of public and private scrutiny should they ever suffer a security or privacy incident.