VIDEO: Your Leadership IS your Culture

Phil Eyre, founder of Leaders, sets out the critical importance of effective leadership in establishing a high performing culture. He speaks of the opportunities for the island as a result of Project Bijou such as cooperation, adding value and being an exemplar to the world. Phil finally rounds up with practical tactics to achieve change by talking of culture being a "living thing". 

"The culture of an organisation, the accepted norms and behaviour and attitude is set by leadership, both good and bad.”

Phil is the founder of Leaders’ Consultancy. Phil has significant expertise in sophisticated psychometrics and in the application of human data for individual, team and organisational success.  Since launching Leaders in 2017, Phil has worked with many senior executives and boards primarily in the Channel Islands and City of London.  Phil works closely with clients on focussed projects and long-term retainers to raise leadership standards. He is a popular and inspiring educator and coach who, with the insights gained from psychometrics, is able to accurately detect the strengths and weaknesses in leadership teams and boards.