Understanding human behaviour: the key to good business, effective regulation and a better society

Perrin says: "Regulators have an increasingly tough challenge. If we are to nurture a world where humans and humanity are central to our decision-making, where the societies within which we live move towards true equanimity, we have to alter course, we have to begin to truly understand the interconnections between our inherent humanisim, the community we wish to create and the drivers of our decisions and behaviours. The Office of the Data Protection Authority’s, Project Bijou, is a powerful and beautiful social and regulatory initiative designed to effect cultural and behavioural change with the objective of minimising data harm. I applaud it."

Perrin says: "Project Bijou is inspiring as it seeks to engage with businesses and their cultures through positive and preventative approaches. It is behaviour orientated and rather than ‘shaming’ organisations, it is clear that it wishes to influence through encouraging both responsibility and accountability within businesses. It wants to address decision-making at a behavioural level, not just through the rigid frameworks of enforcing policies, procedures and controls."

Perrin Carey is a highly experienced, professionally qualified Fellow of the International Compliance Association (FICA) who has worked at executive level in compliance, risk management and governance for over 15 years. This has involved financial services, eGaming, UK Higher Education and regulatory authorities.

Perrin is Founder and CEO of Perrin Carey Limited and GOVindicia®, a assessment instrument and technology that measures 40 indicators of governance. His work focuses on the human influences on governance, risk and compliance and how by understanding this, organisations can generate better outcomes including long-term growth, shareholder value, sustainability, consumer confidence and regulatory compliance.