PODCAST: Managing behavioural risk

In this short podcast, Huw Thomas, tells a story that illustrates that no-one is immune from making mistakes and that businesses need to think differently about how they manage behavioural risk. 

Huw argues that educating staff about taking care of personal data needs to be done better: to take full account of how people actually behave, rather than how businesses would like them to behave. He suggests making use of people within your business who understand how people behave to help write shorter, actionable policies and procedures around use of data. He concludes that taking good care of personal data makes good business sense for us as a jurisdiction, as it protects our key financial services sector.  

Huw Thomas has been advising on employment issues, data protection and information management for more than 10 years.

He has broad experience of both contentious and non-contentious employment matters with a particular emphasis on regulatory issues in the finance industry in both Jersey and Guernsey. He also specialises in mediation.

Huw is a regular speaker at breakfast briefings, conferences and seminars.

Huw advises in both Jersey and Guernsey as part of the Carey Olsen Channel Islands Employment Team.