VIDEO: How does a culture of privacy make a difference?

This short video is from Steve Wright (CEO & Partner at Privacy Culture Limited). Privacy Culture Ltd is a specialist communication consultancy that employees experienced Data Protection Officers (DPOs) to help land messages and embed a culture of privacy for many organisations. Steve speaks to the scenario he has first-hand experience of tackling: how to 'land' privacy culture. Recognizing the gaps in approaches and software to this problem, he explains how his long career helped him throughout his various Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)/DPO roles, where landing change and making it stick was possibly the hardest things to do.

Steve emphasises that it takes a significant commitment to implement and embed a culture of privacy.

Steve is a published author, a world class thought leader and is regularly invited to speak at industry events, trade associations and data privacy and security working groups, working towards continually finding new ways to increase trust and transparency in respect of consumer rights, business services and product vendors. Steve strongly believes that data governance, risk, ethics, cyber security and privacy are all inextricably linked as they share common objectives and principles, and therefore, require satisfactory safeguards, controls and assurances. Having once served as a DPO and CISO, and held senior roles at; Bank of England, John Lewis Partnership, Unilever, Deloitte, PwC, Siemens and Capita, Steve has a full appreciation of what is required to get the job done in a cost effective, pragmatic and timely fashion with a natural ability to lead from the front, to coach others and to take responsibility consistently, courageously and with integrity.