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PODCAST: Building a data-centric culture

Last updated: 26 May 2021

In this short podcast, Richard Hanrahan, CEO of Agilisys Guernsey, discusses Agilisys’ role in the States of Guernsey’s digital transformation project, how it’s going to shift delivery of public service, and how to look after people’s data along the way. 

Richard recognises the part we all have to play as individuals in valuing our data, and being aware of the different ways organisations might treat us and our data. He also highlights the role of culture in getting people to talk about, think about, and track the careful use of people’s data. Richard emphasises the need to build in respect for people’s data at the outset, and for it to be an intrinsic part of how an organisation works. He concludes on the potentially difficult choices we will all have to make as we move into a future of personal data being increasingly processed by AI, and the ethical issues that arise. 

Richard Hanrahan is Chief Executive of Agilisys Guernsey, the digital technology specialist working to support the States of Guernsey's SMART Guernsey programme to deliver 21st Century IT, reform public services and support the development and growth of the local economy.

For much of the last 20 years, Richard has led the design, development and delivery of major organisational change programmes for both public sector organisations as well as clients in banking, media, retail and travel. His work has taken him all over Europe and to South East Asia. 

Richard has real clarity and insight into the challenges that organisations face when seeking to bring about a shift in culture and in particular the importance of leadership, imagination and determination in effecting positive change.