PODCAST: First step to change culture? Caring about people.

In this podcast Annabel Nicholas and Matt Loaring discuss data use and organisational culture within the midwifery and paediatrics team that Annabel leads.

Annabel led a period of significant change and improvement in Guernsey’s maternity services, and because Project Bijou is all about shifting cultures and behaviours for the better, we want to hear how she did this, so that others looking to engage their own teams in adopting positive changes can learn from her experience. What we learn is that culture change, and data protection, doesn't have to be complicated - it can be common sense and as simple as treating people well.   

To create cultural change, first make people feel safe and cared for. 

Annabel Nicholas is a qualified nurse and midwife, with 27 years experience. She loves helping people through challenging times, developing people and services. After a long career in the UK's NHS, she moved to moved to Guernsey in 2016 and took up the role of Head of Midwifery and Paediatrics in May 2019 for States of Guernsey's Health & Social Care. 

Matt Loaring is a Senior Data Protection Officer for the States of Guernsey. Matt began working for the States of Guernsey in 2009 and has since undertaken a number of roles across various Committee areas. He was the first to be recruited to the States of Guernsey Data Protection Team in 2016, initially supporting the Head of Data Protection in the review and consideration of the GDPR and subsequently the implementation of The Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017. Following this, Matt was appointed as Data Protection Officer for Education, Sport & Culture, before being recruited as Senior Data Protection Officer supporting Health & Social Care.