Project Bijou Launch Week

(24 - 28 May 2021)

Join us in May 2021 to be a part of the online launch of Project Bijou - a social initiative that encourages everyone to share stories, knowledge and experiences related to ethical data use, in a way that benefits everyone. 

We will be sharing content from a range of local and international speakers throughout the week - with the aim of encouraging a cultural shift around how personal data is treated, to change behaviour for the better, and to reduce data harms. We will explore: ethics; psychology; governance; culture; human behaviour; human connection; innovation and so much more. 


  • the role culture plays in data and vice versa
  • why better engagement is needed
  • what drives behavioural change
  • the benefits of looking after personal data well 
  • the effects data harms have on people


  1. Richard Thomas CBE (Chair, Guernsey Data Protection Authority
  2. Emma Martins (Data Protection Commissioner and Chief Executive, Office of the Data Protection Authority
  3. Peter Hustinx (former European Data Protection Supervisor
  4. Trevor Hughes (CEO of IAPP: International Association of Privacy Professionals) 
  5. Bojana Bellamy (President of CIPL: Centre for Information Policy Leadership)
  6. Jacob Kohnstamm (Chair, JOIC: Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner, and former Chair Dutch Data Protection Authority
  7. Prof Chris Hodges OBE (Professor of Justice Systems, University of Oxford
  8. Christopher Docksey (Member, Guernsey Data Protection Authority
  9. Simon Entwistle (Member, Guernsey Data Protection Authority
  10. Michael Whitbread (Director (Data Privacy Governance Officer) JTC Group
  11. Annabel Nicholas (Head of Midwifery and Paediatrics, Health and Social Care, States of Guernsey) 
  12. Vicky Le Poidevin (Offshore Group
  13. Prof Daniel J. Solove (Research Professor of Law at the George Washington University Law School, and founder of TeachPrivacy
  14. Dr Nerja Van Zalk (Lecturer, Imperial College London
  15. Callie Loveridge (Head of Data Protection, States of Guernsey
  16. Perrin Carey (Founder & CEO, Perrin Carey Ltd
  17. Steve Wright (Partner, Privacy Culture
  18. David Brown (Automation Expert and chair of Institute of Directors technology sub-committee)
  19. Bruce Hallas (Author/Speaker, Re-thinking the Human Factor
  20. Richard Field (Partner, Appleby, and Chair of Bailiwick of Guernsey Data Protection Association
  21. Phil Eyre (Founder, Leaders
  22. Meriel Lenfestey (Committee Member, Institute of Directors
  23. Olivier Thereaux, Head of Research & Development & Stuart Coleman, Learning and Business Development Director (both of the Open Data Institute
  24. Huw Thomas (Counsel, Carey Olsen
  25. TBC (Speaker from Agilisys