ODPA launch accountability benchmarking survey

Published: 3 June 2024

The Bailiwick’s data protection regulator, the Office of the Data Protection Authority (ODPA) is inviting all local organisations to contribute to its public consultation into the Law’s accountability principle

Accountability is one of the seven data protection principles that sit at the core of the Law’s compliance requirements. These principles set out how personal data must be handled, ensuring that individuals rights are respected. Accountability is the foundation on which the other six principles rest. Anyone working with people’s data must be able to evidence their accountability by showing how they take responsibility for what they do with people's data.

Whilst the Law requires the ODPA to regulate and enforce the Law, it also has a role to assist organisations to get it right. The accountability public consultation seeks to understand the measures local organisations have in place to ensure compliance and demonstrate accountability. The results will be used to provide additional guidance where needed and to drive the ODPA’s work to support the regulated community.

Accountability is not just important for controllers and processors. The ODPA needs to be accountable too, both for its own processing and for the delivery of its statutory functions. Therefore, in order to assess the value of the support the ODPA provides, there are questions at the end of the survey giving you the opportunity to feedback on how the ODPA is doing. 

You can take part in the survey at www.odpa.gg/consultation