Children at risk in local Snapchat group

Published: 29 January 2024

The Office of the Data Protection Authority (ODPA) is echoing Guernsey Police’s warning to Bailiwick residents of a present risk to children and their personal information via a local Snapchat group.

Guernsey Police believe the group includes children as young as seven, and that children in the group may be encouraged to share explicit images of themselves. See the Guernsey Police warning for further details.

In addition to the Police’s advice, the ODPA is advising parents to:

(i) have conversations with their children regarding the reputational and long-term risks associated with sharing personal information via such networks, including personal photos, that could then find an indelible presence online and
(ii) ensure children are not using social networks or apps if they’re under the authorised age for those networks/apps (13 for Snapchat).

“This warning is of particular significance as we mark data protection week with our focus on protecting children’s rights in the Bailiwick,“ said Bailiwick Data Protection Commissioner Brent Homan.

“Safeguarding children’s privacy rights demands a community response, and we are inviting Guernsey’s young people, parents, educators, business and civic leaders to make their voices known in our ongoing public consultation for our Children’s Framework.”  

Anyone with specific concerns about their child’s involvement in the Snapchat group in question should contact Guernsey Police.

Additional resources for protecting children’s information online can be found on the ODPA’s website ‘Children & Young People’ area.