Islanders advised to be vigilant as phishing activity soars

Published: 26 June 2024

The Office of the Data Protection Authority is warning islanders to exercise extreme caution when receiving e-mails containing links and attachments.

It comes after the ODPA received several breach notifications relating to the compromise of email accounts.

If you receive any suspicious e-mails, please do not click on any attached links or documents.

The following steps can help protect you and your organisation from phishing attacks, which occur when attackers send scam emails containing links to malicious websites or contain malicious files:
  • Make sure staff are aware of potential risks and know what to look out for.
  • Verify any suspicious emails by contacting the sender by an alternative, trusted channel such as the telephone.
  • Implement technical measures including multi-factor authentication to ensure the security of personal data.
If you have any concerns that a personal data breach may have occurred at your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us on 742074 or

You can find more information about defending your organisation from phishing attacks on the National Cyber Security Centre’s website at: Phishing attacks: defending your organisation - NCSC.GOV.UK