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Project Bijou – discover latest contributors

Published: 24 January 2023

Project Bijou launched in May 2021 with 36 incredible contributors from around the world. Since then 6 new contributors have come onboard, here’s a quick round up of who they are and what they bring to Project Bijou. 

Discover the latest contributors: 

1. Dr Susie Alegre – who gave the first Bijou Lecture in May 2022 exploring how human rights and data protection are fundamentally linked.
2. Alex White – as Bermuda’s Privacy Commissioner, Alex shared Bermuda’s regulatory journey, why education is at the heart of his office’s mission, how Guernsey has inspired the work he does and what keeps him awake at night.
3. Elizabeth Smith - briefly tells her story of using Project Bijou’s content as a tool to raise-awareness within organisations.
4. Dr Louis Rosenberg – an augmented reality expert who joined us for an in-depth Q&A exploring opportunities and challenges presented by augmented and virtual reality technologies.
5. Emma Butler – produced a quick-fire practical lesson in how to communicate complex things (like data protection) in a clear way.
6. Joh Harvey – who tells his story about when his health food delivery service and café the Raw Store’s website was hacked and what he learned from it.

What is Project Bijou? 

It's an ODPA social initiative designed to change behaviour, shift culture, and reduce harm by encouraging everyone to share stories, knowledge and experiences related to ethical data use, in a way that benefits everyone. Its aim is to support and nurture positive cultural change around how people and organisations treat people’s data. It seeks to engage people on a cultural level rather than simply on a legal/compliance one. Discover the whole project here.

If you know someone with a story to tell across any of the project themes listed below: please email communications@odpa.gg  

Theme 1: the effects data harms have on people 
Theme 2: why better engagement is needed
Theme 3: the role culture plays in data and vice versa
Theme 4: what drives behavioural change
Theme 5: the benefits of looking after personal data well