Press Release:

ODPA response to media enquiries regarding contact tracing

Published: 30 May 2020

Local media have asked the ODPA to comment regarding the new data collection requirements for businesses and organisations in light of the move to Phase 4 of the exit and recovery strategy.

The States of Guernsey have a dedicated data protection team who are responsible for the operational implementation of the data protection law in all areas of government activity. Whilst the ODPA have not been involved in the implementation of this aspect of Phase 4, we are always keen to support the whole regulated community with their compliance duties.

As part of the Bailiwick community the ODPA welcome the very positive news that we have been able to move to the next phase so swiftly. The ODPA also recognise that a key element of the next phase is going to be efficient, effective and timely contact tracing.

From Saturday 30 May local businesses and organisations are required to keep records of the names and contact details of all those who visit their premises.

As with all processing of personal data, it is important that individuals are given information and details about that processing including what personal data is being collected, how it will be used and who else will have access to it. The principles contained within the data protection legislation are there simply to ensure that these elements are included in all processing activities, regardless of their context.

The reasons for data collection in this context are self-evident and ensuring all personal data is handled in compliant manner will ensure that individuals have trust and confidence in the process as well as in the people directing that process.

For more information about compliance with the local data protection law please see our Advice, Guidance and Resources page