Data Processing or Privacy Notices

When you collect personal data from anyone, whether online or offline, you need to ensure that you provide detailed information about how their data is going to be handled. Data Processing and Privacy notices need to be clear and relevant.

The Law recognises how important it is for individuals to be provided with clear, relevant and accurate information about what is happening to their data. When organisations collect data (whether that is online or offline, directly or indirectly) there must be absolute clarity about how that data will be used.

These can be called data processing notices, privacy notices, data protection notices or anything that clearly indicates that it is information relating to the way in which personal data is used.

The Law sets out a comprehensive list of information to be given so you must ensure that, at all personal data collection points, this information is easily accessible.

You can view the ODPA's data processing notice here.

Remember, all organisations will be collecting and processing personal data for different reasons and in different ways. Templates can be a useful starting point but you will need to modify them to reflect your specific data processing activities.

Please note: The information required to be given to data subjects under the Law Enforcement Ordinance differs to that required by the Law. When processing personal data for a Law Enforcement purpose under the Law Enforcement Ordinance please consult section 12 of the Ordinance