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Find out more about the development of a framework to support responsible use of information about children.
We are developing a comprehensive 'Children's Framework' to support the responsible use of children’s information. This will incorporate the legal requirements of The Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017 ('the Law') and will align with the relevant principles and provisions outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child . 

The framework will support and encourage high standards of legal and ethical handling of children’s data and encourage a comprehensive and inclusive approach to such processing in the Bailiwick.

The framework's intended outcomes are: 
  1. Production of clear, relevant and practical guidance on how best to look after children's data.
  2. Increased awareness and understanding of how important it is to treat children's data responsibly. 
  3. Encouraging a child-centric approach which normalises high standards of governance for anyone handling children’s data.
  4. Improved compliance with the Law around the processing of children's data.
Timeline for development of the Children's Framework: 
July 2023  Launch and project planning 
August 2023  Development of public consultation 
November 2023  Public consultation opens

If you are a child or a young person (or you are answering on their behalf) please take this survey

If you represent a 'stakeholder' (e.g. children's charities, schools, a government agency that deals with children/young people, or any other organisation / party with a view on how children's data should be handled) or you are a parent/carer please take this survey.

Help us spread the word about the consultation by sharing the poster / social media card.
January 2024  Development of first draft of framework 
Feb - Apr 2024  Development of resources 
July 2024  Publication of the framework 
Sep 2024 - Mar 2025 Implementation and monitoring of framework