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Data safeguarding masterclass for small businesses

Thursday 9 February 2023
12:00 - 13:00
The Shed, The Digital Greenhouse, St Peter Port
In this short lunchtime lecture, our Deputy Commissioner Rachel Masterton and Senior Investigator Edward Chapman will explain how to avoid common pitfalls when handling personal information.

With phishing attacks on the rise, it is important for all organisations to remember that data is highly desirable and great harm can be caused if it falls into the wrong hands. A local business owner's experience of being hacked will be used as a case study during the session, to highlight the real-life impact of data breaches. 

Who should attend?
This talk is tailored towards small businesses and sole traders. Anyone who handles personal data (information/facts/opinions about people) in any capacity. In the case study mentioned, hackers were able to steal credit card information despite the fact it was not stored on the business' database.