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IRMS Conference - Embracing a New Information Generation

Monday 15 May 2023
08:00 - 17:00
Kimpton Clocktower Hotel, Manchester
Our Commissioner, Emma Martins, is an invited keynote speakers at the IRMS Conference in Manchester, and will be giving a talk called"It all starts with 'why'".

Data has never played such an important role in all our lives. Against the backdrop of working in regulation for a small jurisdiction, Emma will highlight the importance of understanding the historical and ethical context of the work we all do, because that is as important as the legal framework.

If we understand why the work we do matters, we can engage in the realities of compliance in a more constructive and positive way. As citizens, communities and countries – we have never needed high quality professionals working in information and data more than at this moment. We need to recognise that for ourselves and we need to communicate that better to our entire community.