Why data protection is never done

Thursday 12 August 2021
12:00 - 14:00
Guernsey Chamber of Commerce
* This event is part of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce's Lunch & Learn event series - book here or via the 'Book your Place' button. 

Just like ‘HR’, ‘IT’, and ‘Finance’ data protection is not a once-a-year box-ticking exercise. It is a cultural activity which should be lived and breathed by your business. 
This session will take you through some key things you can do to embed good data handling in your business, and why it benefits you to do this. 
The Bailiwick’s Data Protection Commissioner Emma Martins will outline three key components of good data governance: 
1. The right paperwork
2. The right technology
3. The right approach to people 
You will come away from this session with a clear sense that it is component #3 – treating all people well, that is the most neglected and yet the most transformative. And that if your business can get that component right, you will reap the benefits of customer/staff retention, increased effectiveness, and enhancing your business’ reputation.