Register, renew or update


The registration period for this year is 1 January to 28 February 2021. If you are here to register outside of this period, please read the important information below:

    If you are an existing business/organisation using personal data, you should have registered with the ODPA during the registration period (1 Jan–28 Feb 2021).
    Late registrations will be accepted (during 2021). But please ensure you diarise this legal duty for all following years: everyone needs to register/renew during 1 Jan-28 Feb from now on.
    Proceed to Registrations Portal here.
    If you have established a new business/organisation in 2021, you do not need to register until 2022. 

    Please diarise to come back during 2022’s registration period: 1 January – 28 February 2022 to register and pay your annual fee for 2022. You may also wish to sign up to our newsletter as we will include reminders as the registration period approaches. 
    In the meantime, please continue to work on compliance to ensure you are taking steps to meet your other legal duties under The Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017.

Already signed up in 2021? Please sign-in here to see your registration. 


All registrations made in 2021 are due for renewal during 1 Jan-28 Feb 2022 .
Please diarise this and ensure your organisation’s internal processes reflect this renewal period.


To manage your registration or to make any changes, please sign-in and click on the 'Manage' button next to the registration you wish to amend.