The ODPA Schools Outreach Programme forms part of our strategic plan, and statutory obligation to raise children’s awareness of their rights, and to understand their responsibilities to others.

The ODPA has a statutory function under section 61 of the Law “to promote public awareness of risks, rules, safeguards and rights in relation to processing, especially in relation to children“.

The ODPA Schools Outreach Programme was launched in November 2020 across all Bailiwick schools, forming part of our strategic plan, and statutory obligation to raise children’s awareness of their rights, and to understand their responsibilities to others. In January 2022 we announced our partnership with the Bailiwick's Youth Commission to extend the programme's scope beyond formal school settings. 

Programme’s aims:
The aim of the programme is to positively engage all children and young people in how valuable their personal data is, why it must be protected, and why we must treat others well too.

Developed by teachers, for teachers
The programme was developed by the ODPA’s outreach officer (a trained teacher) who worked with local teachers to develop a bespoke set of activities for key year groups linked to the Bailiwick’s Big Picture Curriculum. The programme engages children in games that explain key concepts under the Personal, Social, Health and Economic area of the curriculum such as:

  • Understanding what privacy is
  • Rules, rights, responsibilities and laws
  • Sharing data
  • Online presence and communication
  • Keeping personal information safe

The Committee for Education, Sport and Culture has given the ODPA ‘authorised agency’ status which allows us to deliver the programme in collaboration with Bailiwick schools.

The programme comprises a series of age-appropriate (and fun) activities and resources which can be used in standalone sessions by school’s own PSHE teachers, remotely, or via a dedicated in-school session delivered by the ODPA/Youth Commission. As of January 2022 we are also offering sessions via the Youth Commission in youth clubs and other settings. 

Why schools?
Children and young people are powerful drivers of cultural change. We want our outreach programme to harness that power to enhance our local population’s understanding, awareness, and appreciation of their rights under the local data protection law.

If children’s awareness of data protection is enhanced, everyone benefits:

  1. A well-informed young person is less likely to fall victim to harms that may arise from misuse of their personal data.
  2. A well-informed young person may share their new awareness with adults in their lives, so the message is spread wider.
  3. When these engaged and informed individuals enter the workforce their awareness, attitudes, and actions could serve to strengthen overall compliance.

How to get involved
To book a session please contact or call us on 01481 742074.

Your Data Bear 
We've made this video for primary-school children. It aims to help them understand why looking after personal data matters by comparing it to their favourite toy.